Forum Member Safety

The Zorin Forum seeks to be a family friendly setting where users can discuss all issues Linux, share ideas and tips and gain insight into troubleshooting.
To maintain this, users are advised to follow the Guidelines and Helpful Post Etiquette.

If you believe any member or any moderator has displayed conduct in need of review, please use the flag function to submit the post for Administrator Action.
Moderators are human and are also regular posting members and can make mistakes.
Moderators are just as accountable to these mistakes and must be Moderated to ensure a safe, fair and welcoming place for all to enjoy.

A flag cannot be hidden and is visible to all members of the team and to the administration.
In addition, users can use the flag / report/ to message the administration or moderators privately and directly in order to present their case.
If a user wishes to Anonymously Flag a Post: Use the Profile > Message option to send a PM to any Moderator you choose to have your case addressed.