A windows 7 xgreeter for lightdm?

most of the windows 7 lightdm logins i found were only avalible for the webkit version. is there one for usr/share/xgreeters and it's like windows7-loginui.desktop?

Ok, u switch back to gdm, now a new issue, How do I install the gdm themes that are xml files and .desktop? There literally no instructions that shows how to actually install them, the methods that I can find don't work anymore. How can I still install gdm themes?

GDM themes can be stored in your home directory ~/.themes or in /usr/share/themes. They can be applied using Gnome Tweak Tool.

And this applies to the ones that are greeter.desktop and whose code is in a xml file?

No. You had switched to GDM, so I answered in regards to management of GDM themes.

GDM themes make use of scss or css files.

You seem intent on using a specific Login Theme (I can certainly understand it). If you use LightDM, you can easily customize lightDM's Login page appearance without need for applying a specific theme, just by using the customizability of LightDM.

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