(A7) Me FW - Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed update

I posted about this issue 2 or 3 weeks ago & although there were many very helpful members on here that offered help I was unable to resolve my issue..............Until now, so I thought I would post again to let you all know how I managed to finally sort it in case it helps anyone else.

I initially had a problem getting my laptop to boot the ventoy usb with the windows files on it, I found I had not created the usb correctly, what I did not realise was that when ventoy formats the usb it creates two partitions & the windows files have to go on the correct partition, once I understood this I tried again & this time it booted fine & I was able to install window 10, once I had a fully working windows laptop I installed Intel management engine drivers for windows 10, once I rebooted the downgrade message was gone & I then reinstalled Zorin OS 17 again & all is now good.
This was the tutorial I followed ~ https://itsfoss.com/bootable-windows-usb-linux/

Thank you once again to all those that helped me.


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