About the laptop with oled screen, the brightness can not be adjusted problem.

When will the official system be updated to support the brightness adjustment of oled notebooks, although I also know some ways to adjust the brightness, but the effect is very bad.

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Scroll down to this part "For everybody hitting on this issue in 2021:"

I just hope zorin official can solve this problem, pop os default can adjust the brightness of oled.But I can't figure out how they do it

Perhaps you can give yourself a headstart waiting on the kernel:
Install dependency:

sudo apt install -y liblcms2-dev

Then get the package:

git clone https://github.com/udifuchs/icc-brightness.git

cd icc-brightness


sudo make install

Currently I am using oled-linux program, but the brightness adjustment ratio is not the same as under win, feel a little uncomfortable color.

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