About tips to make Gnome lightweight

I tried various distros and desktop environments for a while, but eventually decided to use plain Zorin Core again. I couldn't find anything else that was easy to use and worked reliably.

So I looked for a way to make Gnome lightweight. For example, I copied gnome-software-service.desktop from /etc/xdg/autostart to ~/.config/autostart and set NoDisplay=false to disable autostart. Are there any other tips like this?

I will first give these a try😃

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Good article. It's a pity that article did not add a proviso to using Abi Word is not suitable for those who need a screenreader.

Thanks, I didn't know about the search settings. I don't use activities at all, so I disabled it without a second thought.

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I haven't had any slowdowns using GNOME. Then again, I am using a powerful laptop.