About VMware's file copy problem

When I use the right button to copy files from zorin to the windows of the physical machine, it cannot be realized. But it can be achieved when using the method of dragging the file. Why is this? When I use zorin, I usually use it in full screen. Every time I transfer files with the physical machine, I have to shrink the window and drag the files, which is very troublesome. How can I right-click to copy files?

Copying files by right-clicking directly on the user's desktop fails. But if I right-click on the desktop file, and then click on the window displayed in the "File Manager", I can right-click to copy the file

How can I copy files by right-clicking directly on the desktop like UBUTNU. instead of in the folder

help me

The Gnome developers believe that users should not use the desktop as a launchpad for launchers. In order to enforce this belief, they disabled Desktop Icons on Gnome Desktop.
To the best of my knowledge, they are the only desktop that has done such enforcement. Even Windows doesn't.
To this end, independent developers created a Gnome Extension to restore the functionality of using Desktop Icons on Gnome. Zorin OS uses one such extension.
Many extensions are really great and some are quite imaginative.
But it is important to remember that Gnome Extensions are not supported by Gnome and could be rendered inoperable by an upgrade from Gnome. They are independently made, so may not always work as fully as what used to fully work on a standard system desktop environment.

It sounds like you are running into an issue with the desktop extension from your description. You might try reinstalling it:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-zorin-desktop-icons

Or it may be that in VM, there is another issue interfering with the extensions performance.

Thank you very much for your reply, but this doesn't seem to solve the problem

Then this may be a VM specific issue, rather than desktop issue.
When you say VM, are you referring to VMWare?

If so, open this summary to see two different methods to try resolving the issue:


VMware Knowledge Base

VMware Fusion: How to Copy and Paste to/from a Ubuntu Desktop VM - GraspingTech

If you are not using VMware, but something else (like Gnome Boxes or VirtualBox), please say which you are using.

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