About Zorin a couple words

I must sayed maybe some people little upset about xfce will be not continuing.
World is changed, technology is changed, generation people is changed.
The decision brothers Zorin is propably connected with information what they have and because they are life in developers linux world.
That why propably they quit from xfce version in the soon future.
The one question is in my mind?
It will be two version Core - (Gnome)and Education - (Gnome)?
They will exchanged that xfce with another version example in future KDE desktop,Cosmic desktop.Wayland?
Then in ZorinGroup company will be only one type desktop build on Gnome "architecture"?
I understable the years coming up and the a human body starting to be a weakness.
How much ZORIN will changed on next years?
I wish brothers all good on they project Zorin distribution.
I am not upset i don't know if this is good word but with this 10 years what i was with them support all time.
I still propably will be support?
We cannot forget like a world isn't perfect then why people cannot doing mistakes.
Like i sayed if Zorin is "lego" -then broken parts always can be changed and repaired.
Everything need a time and patient.


I thought their Xfce version was good. I am not an Xfce user but I can see why some people like it.

Zorin under Cinnamon or Budgie would awesome. I am not a fan of Budgie but can see potential there. Zorin under a Debian-only base would be super cool. But, it is their distribution and they decide what they can handle.

Hopefully they can devote more time to making their version of GNOME better.


Yes @Bourne so true, change must happen.

To the upset Xfce user's, Take a moment to think of the Dev's (stand in their shoes) , Xfce (Lite) has been their pet project for many years, imagine if this was your project & you had to make the decision to stop a project you have put so much effort into, (It's nearly the same as having to take your old dog to the vet for the last time :open_mouth: :cry: )

I believe it's a good business decision.


Agreed. But for me, it's the internal strife that's broken out into the open that concerns me. Zorin Group is a 2-man organization. It's not a large organization like Canonical or project like Linux Mint. The Zorin Group, I think, needs to step in and provide reassurance that things will be okay over the long term. That hasn't happened so far.


As a guess, i dont believe there are any issue's with the Zoringroup, as you said it's a 2 man team ( yes they delegate out some projects ).
But (Saying without knowledge) i believe Zorin Group have other employees to help in different areas (Eg: Zorin OS business/company's that maintain this area & inn's & out's, etc,etc)
I believe everyone will benefit with there being one Edition (Core based).


What do you mean by "internal strife"? Just trying to get context.

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Look at @Aravisian's posts.

In a different couple of posts, @337harvey and I both admitted that we would defend and excuse the ZorinGroup by, without any knowledge, making assumptions.
In comparing ZorinGroups decision to having to put down a pet dog... this is purely an assumption. At no point have the Zorins expressed even any kind of general fondness for Zorin OS Lite. It merely existed. Like Education, like Ultimate, like Pro.
Never was expressed that it was a pet project, dear or otherwise.

Whether the ZorinGroup delegate work out or even have employees is a complete unknown as Ocka points out.

I also would like to remind all readers that, avoiding spin, this is not about XFCE users feeling upset.

This is about the actions, XFCE being one of many, that demonstrate by the ZorinGroups choices, a lack of support that previously existed for the diversity of GnuLinux and narrowing that field down to fewer choices and less support and availability to desktops.
As @zenzen pointed out: Defaults are extremely powerful.

@Aravisian @Ocka We have some examples a "good corporation linux".
Red Hat the main primary project is Gnome.
RHEL kicked out of KDE
Now the Fedora guys (SIG KDE) are taking care of KDE in RHEL (EPEL).
Zorin is LTS distribution exist on Debian like many another distributions.
I reading many distributions leave,kicked Xorg.
So if many devs people quit from Xorg what propably wasn't support.
Soon Budgie will be Wayland-only.
Gentoo using a stable version Plasma 5.27
FreeBSD also Plasma 5.27
Arch distributions they are rolling and testing all that poor things what coming out.
I taken some observation what another devs talking.
It will be harder for two brothers Zorin staying with XFCE if all world quit from XFCE. More unstable,poor security in future?
That is success they will be support that longer time.
Many developers on they websides writing they quit from Xorg this year.
For me on my side my observation is the brothers Zorin will focus on Wayland project like many another devs distributions.

Or I something don't understable and Wayland also will be kicked.
I have chaos in my head and on my mind.
The once what I liked on brothers Zorin information they gived information for us when they quit support xfce.
They prepare us what will be changed on some years.
That is nice like you will be informed on some years you will be a father but what you supouse expect.
The some impuls reject and what people sayed they will quit from forum and support.
Do you think so another place people are diffrent and there will be better place?
I know everyone sacrifice a time and patient for new beginners people on linux.
This isn't wonderfull when people quit from windows?
I am using now linux every day for daily driver over 3 years.
Using only old pc with a projector to watching a movies.
I am still learning another distributions like a FreeBSD arch for me is to complicated.
I am on channel discord with developers and programmers in my primary language. There i have fresh information.
That why I first time thinking oh no XFCE will be no more exist on Zorin project it will be a catastrophy.
Then I started "eating words" - what another developers talking and writing.
Then start defend a brothers Zorin.
I know Wayland is propably another type a code and my observation:

  • From a code perspective, wayland seems much smaller, more minimalist.
  • I don't know c/cpp specifically, but even a quick look at the repo showed that wayland (directly) is 10 times smaller than x11/xorg
  • People think that Wayland is old and large, and X11 is minimalist
    and it's the other way around.
  • Wayland has a lot of additional dependencies, so the end result will probably be the same.
  • xorg is not adapted to modern realities
  • wayland is indeed compact, with less code, because it was created several decades after xorg
  • wayland most importantly, it was created with today's times in mind
  • that's why xorg is fragmented into many programs, and wayland can be said to have everything in it
    First of all, xorg was designed to run over TCP
    and how it is used today in most cases has nothing to do with it.
    you probably know the display variable
    except that there is no IP address there, because missing means localhost, the full syntax looks like this:
    export DISPLAY=
    And the point is that in the old days, you ran a program on one server and sent the output from it to terminals that only had an x ​​server.
    This was the original intent of xorg
    and not some kind of displaying desktops on a computer, and also that someone wants to transfer games through it?
    I believe the brothers Zorin taken a good choice for they decision and for customers.
    I am only just wondering if they staying only with Gnome? I mean only Core version and Core Pro.
    I would know only what they have ideas in future with they project to prepare if it still will be suit to my preferences.
    I remember I taken a question about ideas and decision project Zorin and the answear was they don't quit some project and answear was NO.
    Well everyone are "shocked".
    That is my 5 cent.

Xorg and XFCE are totally different things.
XFCE is not a part of or fork of any kind of Xorg.

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Thanks for explanations @Aravisian sometimes I have a trash in my head and need a time to sort something like a puzzle in my head.
We know the linux this isn't a typical one desktop mostly like in macos or windows.
Besides windows and macos are some a place like a jail.
Linux for me is for people with open mind to discovery a whole world.
Linux is more complex (word translate google).

But there is the Point, where I don't understand HOW they done it. They didn't made an official Blog Entry until. They ''hiding'' the still existing Download Possibility and the Checksum too. They have packed it all seperately. When they realy stand behind it, I find it a weird Action to show it.

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Nothing wrong with redirecting resources , but the user base may need a more detailed explanation as to why. XFCE is not my go to DE , but I think Z Lite is one of the nicer implementations of it. It can always be forked as community project if there are capable people willing to do so. Obscuring the download link is a bit odd and perhaps telling. There seems to have been a struggle to release 17 Lite.

Not really. The release of Zorin OS Lite happened within the same normal development period. There were no delays and Lite was released without the normal Beta testers even being notified to test it. There is zero indication of any struggle at all.
And Zorin OS Lite has been around since 2009. It's not some new idea that just didn't work out.
This makes the speculation that Lite is some kind of a burden a very hard pill to swallow.

Maybe this has been the case for a long time now, but we just don't know about, precisely because of the poor communication from the developers.

PS: I think at this point I've lost track of all the new threads that have been created on this topic...

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This is true...
It would be pretty disruptive and confusing to try combining them.

Pointing to existing threads as new ones get created may be the best recourse.

Yes it would be too much, I wasn't suggesting that these threads should be merged. But it does kinda highlight the concern people have about this topic. I still think there's plenty of time to make good decisions based on what will come in the next few weeks.

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Fair enough, I wasn't aware of the delay between the releases as normal. This combined with repeated questions about the release date made it seem as though there was difficulty of some sort.

I thinking I lost my mind to believe what will be next when the end will be information release.
Then I understable main project is Gnome.
That is like treating people like bugs because you don't know what to expect.
I appreciate the creators that they informed that it would happen in x years.
Well they also don't taken information what will be next.
Or what they have ideas.
Good product always can write something before it will be on the "air world".
What we can suspect or what we can do that or except.
I am not upset but feeling weird.
No comment why, nothing.
It is some experiment here?
When I asked the Zorin 17 lite not working on some subject the object was attack the situation. Anyone don't interesting that problem to resolve.
Are you kidding me? Taken your IA to heaven. wtff
What this forum is some war about XFCE and developers?
Isn't exist thousand linux distribution?
If they decide people no support people that means one example RHEL.
No people crying what they cannot resolve the simple things.
So in my opinion i must sayed the Zorin don't want be for beginning people what don't understable linux and if they exist they must go on the ZorinGroup Corporation Company like a windows.If yuo liked or not liked?

About Zorin a couple words?

Zorin OS...Is...The...Best