Abrupt Screen Shut Off

After the screen shuts off and you then move your mouse or touch keyboard, what do you see?
I dont know if this may be of help

I don’t see the login screen. I see all things as is. The screen shuts off as If though I’ve put a 5-10 seconds timeout.

By that do you mean you can see windows that were last in use?
If so is it a frozen session you are describing, not a shutdown.
A picture, even from your phone to illustrate would help understanding me thinks.

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Yes. All windows and applications running, as is.

No. Not a frozen session.

If you are seeing all your Windows normally (not black screen, standby screen or login screen) and they are not frozen, then how is this regarded as a “shut off”.
Sorry but I do not understand what you are seeing or experiencing. Please post a screenshot or photo to illustrate.

Ok then. I did a reboot to temporarily fix it. When it happens again I’ll post a pic, or possibly a video of it.

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@zabadabadoo Here is a short video I filmed to let you know the issue I’m facing. The display light turns off after 13 seconds or so…


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Capraciousduck, are you running Zorin Core or Zorin Lite?

When the screen blanks out like it does in the video, does it re-intialize on its own or do you need to move the mouse or tap a key in order to wake it up?

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I am running the core.

Nope. It doesn’t wake up on its own. I need to move the mouse or press a key.

@capriciousduck Please confirm.

Yes, I am.

What do ya think, Zab, does he need Caffeine?

Have you checked all your power manager settings?

Yes. Although I set it to never I still face the issue.

@capriciousduck : Also check: Settings>Privacy>Screen Lock

@Aravisian : Caffeine would certainly overcome the problem, as it would automate the regular mouse movement.

A cat sat on the keyboard would have the same effect on the mouse, as mentioned on another thread :smiley_cat:

Re: Caffeine

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@zabadabadoo Yes, I checked. Scree lock is disabled. Isn’t there another solution to Caffeine-with which I am not familiar?.

@zabadabadoo That’s funny but I don’t have a cat, either a dog, but love to have both of their support to fix this issue :smile:

@capriciousduck See link above Re: Caffeine. That seemed the only way out after some exhaustive investigation then. I recognise it just cures the symptoms, not the illness. If you, or anyone finds a proper solution, then do post it here.

Okay. I’ll check.

Done another search re same thing on Ubuntu 18.04 (same as Zorin 15). https://askubuntu.com/questions/1089769/ubuntu-18-04-will-not-stop-blanking-screen. The problem still seems persistent for some people. I do not suffer myself, so wonder if it is graphics specific.