Accented Characters on a QWERTY keyboard


I'm using ZorinOS 15.3 Core on dual-boot system, with a US keyboard. I type mostly in English, but need to use accented characters from times to times when typing in French.
My current keyboard is set to 'US English', as i can't find 'International English'.

From what I have gathered so far on other forums, one path to resolution would be to declare a key such as AltGr (i.e. Alt-R) as a composition key, however, all how-tos I was able to find referred to settings as per Ubuntu, with no joy searching for 'Compose' or 'Special Character' in Zorin's Settings search bar.

Your help is kindly appreciated,


Dear error404,

Perhaps you could add the extra keyboard from the Menu - Settings - Region & Language.

This will allow you to add the certain keyboard you wish to use.
However for the French language there more to choose from. After adding the keyboard you can use the "eye" to preview the keyboard with right combination of keys.

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Thank you dasjdoom, i tried as you suggested, but to no avail.
To be sure, I'm not after changing the whole keyboard layout, which changing to french layout would achieve (haven't typed azerty in 15 years), but how to compose keys to obtain accent, using ' ` and "


Are you looking for this?
Screenshot from 2021-11-25 02-52-18

You can add them in Language and Region.


Thanks a lot FrenchPress, this was exactly it !

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