Access to Existing Window Apps

Trialling Zorin 17.1 with USB to learn pros cons before switching. I have loads of legacy Windows Software (with long forgotten licences and passwords) on my PC. Software on Drive C: and Data Files on Drive D: I have mounted my D: drive and can see all my files.
Can/How do I access my existing software within Zorin? Downloaded the Window App Support but cannot find my software. Computer savvy but no techno-nerd.

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Well installing the Windows App Support will allow you to install some windows programs, it won't automatically find previously installed software.
What it would allow, is that since it installs wine, usually if you can find the executable to run the software, usually you can:

Right click the file
Run with Wine (paraphrasing, currently at work)

Although your programs are on C so you would need to mount that in Zorin to be able to see them, I am assuming. If you are unable to mount your C drive, Windows has a sleep setting that doesn't allow the drive to fully shutdown and be accessed otherwise (Fast Sleep? Fast Boot? Something like that). If you run into the issue of being unable to mount your drive, that would be one of the first things in Windows I would check.

If i've completely missed what you're trying to do, let me know and I can offer other suggestions, as I've kind of taken a shot in the dark as to what you're attempting to do.

If you do not have licence keys for your Windows apps, then you may have difficulty installing them on Zorin Windows App Support (i.e. Wine or Play-on-Linux) regime.
You may be better to keep Windows alongside ZorinOS as a dual-boot, in order to gain access to your Windows only apps.

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You have to install the Software in Zorin to use it. It is different than with Files. These You can find with Nautilus. Open Nautilus and go at the left Side ot ''Other Places'' and then you see a List with Drives. Click on the Drive that You want and then click trough the Folders to the Files that You are searching for.

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thanks, I'll mount C: and see where it gets me.