Access to new PRO versions

Will I always have access to new PRO versions that they release? Or when they release the new version 17 PRO will I have to pay again?

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In my opinion, the price is nominal (and well deserved) after you've used Zorin's Pro help desk. They really go above and beyond to help you and they're fast.


It is Nominal; in fact there is another thread on the forum discussing the costs as well as the value of it.
And another thread discussing the nature of Free and how paying for Linux helps Linux a great deal.

But it is worth pointing out:
Zorin OS is free.
100% free.
Zorin OS Pro is a choice, which is why I often call it "choosing Zorin OS Pro", since it is a method of ensuring that the development continues.
Pro comes with additional software and layouts; boons and thanks to those who help support development.
But Zorin OS Pro does not add drivers, functionality or Unlock Features. The Free Zorin OS Additions are just as functional, stable and usable. Zorin OS Pro is a Want, not a Need.
For this reason, many Pro users alternate back and forth. They choose Pro for one release, then core or lite the next, then Pro the following... Then core or lite, then Pro again; Only choosing Pro every other major release cycle.
Many users choose Pro after having spent a year or two using core or lite. Or even a week or two.


Thanks for all the comments. I think need to better explain my question.
I'm not a developer on Linux systems, I'm actually just a medical student who's still halfway through graduation. When first tried Linux I got used to Ubuntu a lot and the layout always pleased me. I asked the question why the only thing I'm going to use in the PRO version is layout Ubuntu and nothing else, i live in an emerging country and 39 USD is a considerable amount to invest in just one layout. But still... Thank you for everyone's comments!!

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Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

The layouts also can be set up independently on Zorin OS Core or Lite without needing to choose Pro.:wink:

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