Accessibility (New User Needs Guidance Please)

Hello, I'm a new member to the form and a visually impaired Linux user. If I decided to sign up for the Pro version of Zorin 17 and try it.

I'm unable to initiate or find any kind of inclusive screen , magnification or Similar services.

I have tried adding a sudo command to reinstall the desktop. Have I missed something simple? Or have I just chosen an OS that's not so well suited to my needs...

I have tried to read as much as I can, but still stuck.

Any help and advice is much appreciated.

User @swarfendor437 may be able to advise you re software and settings for visually impaired user. This messsage should nudge him.

Such options are in Settings > Accessibility. I tried the magnification, on the previous OS version it was a thinner section in the top screen edge, now it's not possible to set it as it was before and options currently extend the magnification a lot more, from half screen till full screen. So, you may want to install a separate software.

Hi Jay31, and welcome to the forum.

Please go to Settings from the Menu, then choose Accessibility (you will need to scroll down a bit before you reach it. Once there, choose the options you need.

If you download the Unofficial Manual I created for Zorin 17, it is on Page 186 of the manual.

You might be better off installing a fractional scaling extension, rather than using the zoom function.

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