Accessories? System Tools? Utilities?

Kinda confusing. I'm gonna have to use the Main Menu app to try to organize these better, to the extent I can.

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I have run into this difficulty while making Icon Sets, trying to differentiate them. It is confusing.

I gave up long ago.

Why is Calculator in Utilities rather than Accessories? At least you can change that. :laughing:

I'm beginning to think I might just use the Show Applications button, which can be organized much better. Or pay the $39. Does the Win11 style Start Menu even have folders?

On Zorin Core you can use the;

Menu -> System Tools -> Main Menu (app, also known as Alacarte) to rearrange the menu but it will take time to figure it out and have them set up to you liking.

I even added my own section as Web Applications;

Screenshot from 2022-03-21 13-27-31

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Weird. Start/System Settings just disappeared and I can't restore. Was someone listening and decided to simplify things? Just as well since that setting is just to the right and in many other places. Or I had a glitch.

This prompted me to set up Timeshift. I reformatted my HDD so I could store the backups there.

Edit: I think I'll give up on the Start Menu and just use the Program grid.

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Timeshift project is closed?

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