What's this problem every time i turn on me PC i get this popup.

Also why "vgzorin" not found, I don't get any error after login but still why it's showing.
PS: my main disk is encrypted

It looks like it can't create or enumerate a few objects that is expecting because the drive hasn't been decrypted yet (which is where the vgzorin partition comes in). The way i understand encryption in OS's is the encrypted portion of the drive remains encrypted and a decrypted copy is what you use. When you shutdown, the decrypted copy gets encrypted and modifies the encrypted version only where necessary (what has changed). I may be wrong.

The acpi errors don't really matter and are usually for function utilizing the f and fn keys (it captures those signals and toggles whatever you indicated [airplane mode, TouchPad, screen brightness, wifi card...etc.]). These most likely resolve themselves after boot, but may not (missing builtin firmware is usually the culprit). As the kernels get updated you may see them disappear and reappear occasionally. They don't affect the majority of the experience or functionality for the most part.


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