ACPI Error on boot up

When Zorin 17.1 Core boots there is a split second where it displays a page of errors. I have managed to capture these on screen and attach to this post. I found a similar issue on here that suggested they were nothing to worry about and just to add "quiet splash loglevel=3" to hide them. However my error messages are different to that one and also still remain visible after editing grub with that text.

Can anyone advise me on what these errors are and how to either deal with them or stop them showing on boot?

Probably because of an update to the kernel. To put your issue into perspective see the answer with 28 votes here:

Also see:

I already have loglevel=3 in my grub cmdline as mentioned in the original post. It does not hide the error messages. And yes I have done update-grub afterwards.

Whilst annoying, I have alreasy explained the issue, this is down to sloppy build of ACPI by hardware vendors who build for that other OS. Don't expect them to offer solutions to GNU/Linux users. Consider selling your hardware and purchase dedicated hardware built for GNU/Linux (if funds allow).