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Como solucionarlo: la batería se carga completamente al 100% y cuando desconecto el cable de la alimentación la PC se apaga. Saludos

How to fix it: the battery is fully charged to 100% and when I disconnect the power cable the PC turns off. Greetings

It may be that the battery is failing. But here is a possible solution:

Puede ser que la batería esté fallando. Pero aquí hay una posible solución:

Descubrí que /proc / acpi / battery / BAT1 / info se borró de alguna manera. Así que descubrí que la información de la batería se restablecerá cuando:

Saque la batería
Enchufe la batería

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It is most likely that your battery has failed. Retaining it at this point is not possible.

Keeping a laptop plugged in constantly degrades the battery over time. I'm guilty of this myself.

Allowing the battery to discharge as it is supposed to, while using the laptop, will help keep the battery in better health. At least once a week, use the laptop while unplugged and then connect the power to recharge.

This is no different than keeping your phone plugged in regularly. Smart batteries may be retrainable, but once it goes bad, there is no recovery. Order a new battery.

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