Activation of network connection failed everytime

Booting worked or the Wifi worked on the 5.15.0-71 kernel?

Booting unfortunately

Ok... here is where we stand currently:
We have probed the module and that did not work.
We have tried it on a known working kernel that worked prior to it ceasing to work - but that did not work.
We have set the appropriate options and that did not work...
And we have ensured a working supported driver.

At this point, I can only suspect that the Wifi Card itself is experiencing failure - resulting in the internet suddenly ceasing to work.
You may need to use a Wifi Dongle - or replace the card.

I see so at where we stand , i can either check it's hardware or use wifi dongle :frowning: well anyways thanks alot for your help . I hope you have a good day

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