Active Monitoring of HW and Stats

Can that mech-1 be used in gnome ?

I include .ssd and .csd in my themes, to ensure that Gnome Apps display in uniform and properly. However... I do not theme Gnome_shell. I protest Gnome (as you well know) and theming it enables Gnomes breakage.

Mech-1 is my Computer name. That is my Conky you are seeing there.

Is there a app that shows all the hardware info and temperatures in linux ? Or a applet like yours for gnome ?

I always used aida64 in windows

Conky works in Gnome- as you can see on mine, it has pretty much everything covered.
There is CPU-x and CPU-z
@StarTreker would recommend Stacer.

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HARDINFO - System Profiler

These are all great APPS that serve me well.