Add accessibility options in the installation process

I wanted to install Zorin OS on an old laptop, but this one has some keys that are broken. And, the accessibility options (including the virtual keyboard i need) is missing in the install proccess. And when it was the moment to connect to Wifi, since some keys were broken, i could not type the password. So i skipped internet, and now it was time to create an user account, and again, could not type the entire username and password because the keyboard was broken.

I later tried to go in the Test Zorin mode, so i can go in the settings and enable the virtual keyboard. After having enabled virtual keyboard, i verified it was working, and it was. BUT, for some reason, the virtual keyboard would not want to open in the install window :melting_face:.

Click here if you want to know why didn't i plugged a physical keyboard

I could, and thats probably what i'l do. But what if i don't have a physical keyboard, how will i install Zorin OS ? Buy a keyboard and use it only one time ?

So, the installer should have a button allowing the user to activate some accessibility functions (like the virtual keyboard in my case).

If there's actually already a button and i just don't have seen it, please say me where it is because that laptop is for my brother and he doesn't know how to install Linux, and his PC is unusable since it does not have any OS for the moment.

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When Your Keyboard is broken, You need a new One anyway that You can plug on Your Laptop for use.

Yeah, i know. But what if you can't buy another keyboard ?
I'm just posting this because, the accessibility options needs to be on the install screen, because it could be useful, and not only for keyboard problems.

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What about touchscreens? They shouldn't require an external keyboard to be usable

And there is also the possibility to map the broken keys to functional ones that you don't use and put a sticker or something on top of it that indicates what key does it act as now. Or use the virtual keyboard only for the non-functional keys. It may not be as comfortable as a fully functional one, but it works, and is way cheaper than buying a new laptop or external keyboard or taking it to fix. Also, an external keyboard makes it less comfortable to move the laptop around

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But Touchscreens are something different that broken Keyboards.

Yeah, but if there isn't an option to display the virtual keyboard during the installation process, people with touchscreens cannot finish installing the system. They are different things, but they both would be affected in this situation

I never installed Zorin on a Touchscreen-Machine. So, if someone should read this here and had done it, maybe this Person could share his or her Experience with the Installation in this Case.

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When I arrive home in two weeks after I finish my exams at university, I could try connecting my android tablet as a secondary display to my pc and move the virtual machine window over there to test this. I'll try to remember (around the 24th of the month), but if I forget, I would be thankful if someone replied with a mention to remind me, as now I'm curious about this

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Experiments are funny, isn't it, haha!

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