Add FaceID

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I don't know if adding this much bloat is a good idea, you can install Howdy by yourself. If you have problem setting it up, you can ask here.

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I was thinking it could be part of the OS, and available in the installer instead of just the terminal.

You mean like an option?

Yeah, an option. In windows you can set up faceID without a terminal or extra software, but it’s not a very prominent feature.

This is great feedback and such suggestions can really help improve and tailor Zorin OS.

This would require the developer of Howdy to authorize and set up to be in U-repo; as you can see in the link you posted, it is a third-party repo.
The ZorinGroup would need to fork the software, then add it to their own repository.
Three commands pasted into a terminal is a very easy task, so I do not believe putting it into the installer is necessary in any case.

Part of the trouble in including packages in Zorin OS is that it also increases its download size. So many factors of any addition must be carefully weighed and considered.

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