Add guest account

Zorin OS should have an option in the settings to activate a guest account.
Maybe there is already a guest account system (usable in terminal), and if it exists it should be added to the settings.
A guest account gets reset when you log out (home files deleted, app data deleted...)

This could be useful in case you need to share your PC to a friend for some minutes, and using a guest account instead of creating an account then deleting it is simpler.

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With lightdm you can activate the "guest-account"-feature. For security reasons it's disabled in many distros.

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Yeah, but the guest account could be disabled by default, and activated with a switch in settings if needed. Linux Mint has a gust account, and its disabled by default, but it has a switch in the settings.

Just to say a thing, if a guest account is needed just some times it's fine to simply create a normal account and then deleting it later while if it's needed more often it's reasonable to install another service that has this feature.

Yeah that works too

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