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Good afternoon. I'm new to the forum and I've been using Zorin for a month. I am new to Linux although I am learning. Yesterday I was able to create a new (normal) user without root privileges. To my surprise when I entered I saw that all my desktop, settings and programs were gone. My question, is there a way to create a normal user that retains access to my desktop, files and settings from my main root user?.

Thank you!

Was the normal user set up for you or a second different named user?

I put a user with a different name. What I need is to create a user who can access my already configured desktop, files and programs. :slight_smile:

Can you login to the first (Administrator) user and see your original configuration?

Yes, if I access my main Root user I see everything (desktop with installed programs, folders...) but if I create a new user, then everything appears empty and the welcome message and Zorin's tour...

I think it is always the case that a new created user, whether system or normal, is unique regarding their apps and desktop settings etc, hence starts out blank. I have "normal" second user for a family member, but is different from my user account.

I do not know a way myself of you creating a copy of your original "system user" as a second "normal user". Assuming that is what you are hoping to achieve.

Other forum members may have an idea, but my websearches on the subject have not been forthcoming.

You can add the ownership and permissions:
Create new user (if not already done. Below, replace the example_username and original_username with the actual usernames you are using)

sudo adduser example_username

Add the new user to the user group:

sudo usermod -aG $(id -Gn original_username | tr ' ' ',') example_username

Give the new users access permission:

sudo chown -R example_username:example_username /home/original_username

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