Add NZBGet to Software Store please

This is just a quick request. Is there anyway you could add the NZBGet usenet downloader into the store please? You have SabNZBD on there but NZBGet is a much better software.


Thats mainly up to the guys at Ubuntu. Zorin's are using a varied version of the Ubuntu software store, repo's is through them though. Anyways, download here...

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This is what I'm afraid of, every time a package gets converted to snap it also effects ZorinOS. ZorinOS will ship Firefox as a .deb package? I don't want to go to another distro's pool to just install the .deb. I don't want Firefox to be like Chromium


I always bookmark because of it.

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Then there is no difference then, it will just be like using Windows. I thought one of the big selling points of Linux is installing software fast and efficient. This is why I use the terminal! I miss the AUR very much : (

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Kedric, you would miss Linux more if you went back to Windows just to get back a key piece of functinality that you like. Every user on here, who has used Linux, but went back to Windows cause they needed some piece of key functionality, have all said as much. They say, oh I had to go back to Windows cause I needed this, but I miss Zorin OS already cause I really loved it.

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