Add progress bar / status updates to Disks when resizing partitions?

In the Disks program, when it has to move files when resizing a partition there is no progress bar or status indicator - giving the application the appearance of being frozen when it's in the process of moving a large number of files, with no indication when the process will be completed.
Could there be a way to add a progress indicator? Maybe only make it visible if the process takes more then five seconds or so? Additionally if it could inform you about how many files need to be moved so you can have an indication of how long the process will take - and have the opportunity to cancel the operation if you deem it to take too long?

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This is not the right place to report, gnome disks is not a Zorin app but a gnome one. Please, report it to gnome devs.

I see now, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I had migrated from a KDE system and assumed that Disks was forked

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No, it is totally Gnome (with help from yucky Google Summer of Code):

If you want a progress bar during operations, use Gparted instead:

The progress bars are usually hidden, so you have to expand the items after you click on 'Apply'.

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