Add sound output settings to upper bar?

Is there a way to add sound settings or in particular sound output settings to the "bar"(the thing where time, running apps, shutdown/restart button, etc)?

Would be great to have this option when i plug in the headphones.

Are you looking for something like this?

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This solution would be good. I just can't make it work.

So tried to follow the instructions from here: GitHub - kgshank/gse-sound-output-device-chooser: Gnome Shell Extension to show a simple chooser to select Input & Output device based on gnome control center and downloaded the stuff. But i don't get this: "The official method to install this extension is from" Since if i download the extension nothing happens, something has to be done with that .zip file.

Then i created the extensions directory (~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/), since it didn't exist.
Then i installed the GNOME Extensions App , but still cannot see the downloaded and copied(into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ new sound mangling extension in the manager...

Can you pls tell me what am i missing here?

I do not have any extensions other than what are pre-installed in Zorin.
I do not know how to manually add the extension.
I will ask our master volunteer @Aravisian to help us.

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Oh, wait.
Did you just copy the zipped file?
You need to compile from the source to make it install by those commnands:

cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

git clone

cp -r gse-sound-output-device-chooser/

rm -rf "gse-sound-output-device-chooser"

Thereafter you can enable it in Gnome Extension.

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I found this paths - Where are gnome extensions preferences stored? - Ask Ubuntu . And did a glib-compile-schemas ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/<extension directory>/schemas

According to this guide:

This will create an updated gschemas.compiled file in the extension's schema directory.

Well, i still couldn't see it in the manager after compiling it.

The weird thing is that the ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder didn't exist, i created it. After installing the manager i could see Zorin extensions in it as well, but they are still not in the user local extensions path.

Isn't the problem that the extensions directory what Zorin gnome uses resides somewhere else?

I think it is normal.
As I do not have any manually installed Gnome extension, I do not have this directory either.

Just to confirm.
Did you run the above commands I copied from the GitHub and it finished without any error message?


Ok, just figured it out. So, every extension is stored "globally" in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/<extension directory>/schemas. I just had to copy the downloaded extension's directory to here and the extension appeared in the manager and i could activate it.

Steps to follow for anyone interested:

  1. Check gnome shell version with gnome-shell --version
  2. Download this version of the extension from here
  3. Install Gnome extension manager from here
  4. Copy the downloaded extension(all files from the .zip) into /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
  5. Open Gnome extension app and enable the extension.
  6. Enjoy.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation and help!


It is a good thing to know :slight_smile:
Now you have figured out what to do,
would you like to write a tutorial for the whole procedure?

I am sure other forum members will be greatly benefited from it.

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Sure. Just started to write it. I hope it won't be an issue that for a while (3 months) it will be a duplicate.


You can comeback and add a comment/update as you need later for your tutorial thread :slight_smile:

I tried to create a thread under Tutorails & Guides, but i got an error.

I saw it.
System does not like the same thread title.
I suggest you to use the following title:

[How to] Add sound output chooser in panel

Still no luck. Ok, saved the steps, will try later.

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I suspect the forum [un]intelligence acting up again.
Even moderators got trapped by it time to time.

You might want to come back tomorrow if you do not forget :slight_smile:

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Create the tutorial as normal and change the title to something that applies to the guide you are making.
Post the relevant information but leave placeholders for the links. Once done,
hit the edit button and edit in the links.

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If a user downloads an extension to add, the folder only needs to be located in


These are available to the owner only.

The extensions in


are the "Built In" default extensions shown in the Extensions app. These are available to all users.

If you use Firefox to install an extension from the gnome shell extension web site without downloading it manually (that is, using the on/off switch on the extensions web page), it installs only to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions.

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