Add the client to the Active Directory

Hi all,
we want to use Zorin Education on our public school, but we are not able to add the clients to our AD. Real & SSSD fails and the -v gives "preauthentication failed" credentials are sure ok. Windows clients are able to join the domain without any hassle...

Anyone clues on how we can proceed?

Thanks in advance

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Working one-on-one with a users machine can often keep issues isolated and solvable on that scale.
When working with Multiple Computers within an organization, this may need more detailed help.

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Maybe check to make sure you're not being locked out by exceeding the password / auth attempt limits..

When I added myself, a few years ago using Mint, I made a new OU for myself in the Domain Controller; just to keep it separated. Don't know if you have access to the DC to make those kinds of changes. Also was using domainjoin; little older way.. Might need to coordinate an Admin for a few things if need be.

^^ That has some good hints to check out for the auth errors - could be domain config (/etc/krb5.conf, domain name all caps) or hostname for the machine the DC doesn't like; and generating a Kerberos ticket, if that's being used.

Just some things to check - it's been a while since then.

(edit) I found this:

Looks like there's an option on install to join AD - unless you've already went that route..

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