'Add to Desktop' extension should be installed by default

Ok here's an interesting case. My friend who's a Windows user wanted to add app shortcuts on the desktop, but I couldn't find an option for it. Turns out, ZorinOS doesn't come with an Add to Desktop option, only Add to Favorites which isn't the same.

There's an extension called Add to Desktop which enables the feature:

I request the devs to add it in the newer versions of Zorin, as it's a quality of life feature and a very important one for beginners who are looking to add app icons on the desktop.
If I missed something, please let me know as I was unable to find an option like that.


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I think it might depend on the desktop layout that you have selected. For me, both options show up when I right click on an icon on the main menu. I'm using the default layout on Zorin Pro 16.1



If you use the default layout, this option is available without extensions.


Interesting, but I think it'd still be wise to include it in all layouts. People pressing the 'Windows' button to search for apps won't be able to add them to desktop, and it might create some confusion. Some consistency would definitely be nice to have :slight_smile:

Let's not forget that Zorin devs have to work with Gnome which might be the issue! Just looked in my Plasma Desktop on Devuan - same there but it is top of the list:

Plasma also has 'create new link to application' when right-clicking the desktop:

Yeah, There's just that added convenience I think Zorin shouldn't forget, but it's also nice for them to have an incentive to get people to use their theme. I'm sure once Gnome and KDE move over to Wayland, the internet will be a safer place.

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Have to disagree with the statement that Wayland will make the internet a safer place. The biggest issue is "picnic" - problem in chair not in computer!

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