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Referencing Start menu and Activities button - sole edit by moderator

I’ve stumbled on this thread searching for ‘Favourites’. So to pick up on the thread itself: I would welcome some more detail on the ‘adding’ aspects of what has been said - how does one customise these features ? And moving on to my original search, which is related: is it possible to add ‘anything’ to Favourites ? e.g. A url link (which I have copied to one desktop, but would be even more accessible as a ‘Favourite’) ?
And, Swarfendor437, I have had issues since the new forum went up with notifications. Is there any way you can ensure I get one for this thread, please ?
Many thanks
Ian G
Wales UK

All, the settings for the panel if you are using Core are located in “Settings > Appearance > Zorin Appearance > Panel.” Also, at the bottom of this thread, you can set your notification settings. The drop-down is just below the “Topic Controls” and The blue “Reply” button.

As far as the Activities hover issue is concerned, I’m getting the same effect, and I have Intel graphics. To “solve” the issue, I just removed the Activities button from the panel and set my super key to launch the Activities overview.

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