Adding Favourites Zorin 17 Fresh install

Probably asked and answered, Had been using 16.2 for a month and as i liked but not filled First out the box, having an issue with the favourites option from 16.2 allowing you to add apps to the toolbar. It don't work in 17 unless there's a new way round it

Hi, what version of 16.2 are you using? Core or Lite?

Am not using 16, am now on 17 core, in 16 you could right click and add favourites and it dropped whatever on the taskbar. When you right click in 17 it maximises or minimises no option to favourite.

It's been renamed to "Pin to Dash" and "Unpin". Do you have those options?

am not sure cheers for the heads up will investigate, thanks
Hmmmm seems it didnt make the cut on the final version, tho ive not investigated all the bells and whistles

This appears to be a bug in 17. I reported it when I was trying out 17 Beta. I have attached a screen shot showing what you get when you try to pin certain programs. As you can see in the screenshot I have been able to pin other programs. I have not been able to determine why some programs can be pinned while others can't.

could it be a flatpack issue ? grasping at straws tho not a deal breaker.

Well you brought up a good point so I checked to see where I installed them from. It seems the ones installed from Zorin OS can't be pinned but the ones installed from Flathub CAN be pinned. Something for the Devs to check out I guess.

Hmmmmm, can of worms LOL

The example I shared above uses Kitty terminal, installed as a regular .deb package so it must be something else.

Although I seem to get the same behavior when I have both the .deb and flatpak versions installed at once. I just tried with Xournal++, all good, then installed the Flatpak version and pinning continued to work but only from the Zorin Menu. With the deb version running I couldn't pin it anymore. I just uninstalled the Flatpak, all back to normal again...

Have tried flatpack and snap neither work in 17

Installed at the same time, or did you try one first and then the other? Which software was that?

OK, this might (hopefully) help you guys. When running the Beta I removed the flatpak of Firefox that comes with 17. I then downloaded the tarball for Firefox ESR, extracted it with the Archive utility. I clicked on the cogged icon labeled 'firefox' in the extracted file, it launches Firefox ESR and appears on the Dash. I right-clicked to pin it, which it did but would not launch. What you have to do is open 'Main Menu' and add a new entry. in my case I made it 'Firefox ESR'. Then I had to go to a folder within the extracted archive called Chrome and inside there, Defaults and looked at a 32 pixel icon to add to the Menu description. For the command I just added the path to the Firefox 'cog' and only then can you pin to Dash.


no 17 defaults to flatpack, and i installed snap and then an app via terminal

What app was it? Maybe we can find something in common between the few examples.

VLC as its my goto media app
Keeping all my eggs in one basket cut and paste dont work for moving files had to install Thunar

Update - reverted back to 16.3, everything works as expected, even installing apps with flatpack etc so it's a 17 problem. Tried a couple of other Distro's while messing, back to Zorin. Will revisit 17 when its got some miles under its belt. As an aside people would be happier with linux if we didnt have to constantly mess with Grub.

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