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Hello Everyone!

I am newer to Linux, so I need some n00b guidence. I recently installed pip, but then it notified me that it is not in the PATH. How do I add to the PATH?

Any other tips for a newer linux user?

Thank in advance!

edit your .bashrc file. If you look at the rest of the path entries, it will be self evident. You place the location of pip into path.

Thanks for responding @337harvey. May push for a bit more? I new to linux.

When I enter:

cd ~ ; code .bashrc;

I don't see anything that says specifically PATH or $PATH. After some hunting, I discovered that path was referencing the executable path. (Whoops, should've seen that one coming.) A YouTube video referenced that the simplist way to add to the path is enter the following command.


Is this bad advice? Should I be doing it that way, or just a bunch of lines in my bashrc file. I trust this community, any help is appreciated. Example for 'bunch of lines' below.

export PATH="/usr/local/share/rsi/idl/bin:$PATH" 
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Yes that is correct. Now you only have to find where pip is installed. Try /usr/bin. Or /usr/share/bin.

Linux is about constantly learning, improving on what you know and what you can find. My answer may have been vague, but it was just the nudge you needed to find some things for yourself. I wouldn't rely on YouTube, for some of them aren't reputable. But there is an entire web of forums dedicated to Linux and sharing knowledge. AskUbuntu, stackoverflow as well as many more. Sure we can give you the answer, but being able to find it yourself will get you further.

Besides, i haven't used pip yet, so do not know the installation directory. I hope you don't think less of me for not looking it up for you... you seem genuinely interested in learning Linux. I would hope you continue your journey. You may try the tutorials section of this forum.

For future reference, Zorin is based on Ubuntu. 15.3 is equivalent to Ubuntu 18.04, 16 to Ubuntu 20.04 (though with the kernel improvements some of Ubuntu 21.04 will work). Always the LTS version.

Had a long day of tutoring, but wasn't quite done providing direction.

Try the following to get your path set:

I'll go to askubuntu for most of my questions now. I appreciate the information.

That wasn't my intention. We are not just trying to help with the issue at hand, we are also trying to provide the tools you will need to find answers and resolve some issues on your own. You should know that this isn't the only source of information. As part of the linux community you have multilple avenues available. Some things may be resolved elsewhere, while others are already solved and available here. Knowing how to word your searches is a key to finding resolutions.


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