Addressing StarTreker and Moderation

The way you closed that thread (you know which one I am talking about) did look like you slammed the door on his face...

You said:

calling Zorin OS LIte "Broken" and "Unstable" and this was confronted due to these particular statements being inaccurate. Zorin OS Lite 16 had just been released and these inaccurate descriptions were harmful to allowing users to consider Zorin OS 16

We are all well-wishers of Zorin OS here but that does not mean we can not post negative feedback about it. The way you acted made you look more like a stakeholder than a well-wisher... We are all allowed here defame Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and other tech-giants but why can't we provide negative feedback about Zorin OS? After all Treker and some other users whom I remember very clearly were all trying to help by constructive-criticism but all they got in return was angry comments and were shouted at. If Treker did defame Zorin Lite the wrong way then what are you (Aravisian) are doing? All your replies in this thread has only been defaming GNOME which is indirectly hurting Zorin Core.You (Aravisian, I mean) have locked so many threads saying that their posts were defaming Zorin OS and that there posts were irrelevant, I have not seen other mods doing that. I know that it was Treker himself who turned himself into a ghost but that was not the first time he did that. If I were in his place I would have not tolerated what he went though either.
Please note...I understand that this is a soft topic and that's why I don't want to be confronted again on this regard cuz I will feel very uncomfortable if that happens .

I am sorry if that was hurtful...
I am sorry if anything about my posts were hurtful or attacking. I did not mean to hurt anyone.

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@Elegant_Emperor I believe you are onto something and I appreciate your bringing to light things that many have witnessed besides yourself. Several have frequented this forum no longer show or say their thoughts due to methods that pop up on occasions here.


You... Raised this issue.

No, the thread was eventually closed due to the heating that was occurring.
As I already pointed out:

That is not a sudden thread closure, nor is it a zipping or a slamming.

Many people post negative feedback - it happens often enough to be notable. They do not get slammed shut, zipped or any other thing you claim is going on here.
@StarTreker was attempting to configure things that are currently still in need of development in Linux as a whole. 4K and fractional scaling are becoming more and more common and this needs addressing. We all know this.
However, Trekers emotions were getting rather high as he began phrasing his dismay over this differently than just "Negative Feedback."
He was calling Zorin OS itself "Unstable and Broken." Right after the release of Zorin OS 16 Lite.

Quote evidence of this.
Because looking over the thread in question, your claim lacks merit.
Show the shouting. Show how calling an entire Operating System "Broken and unstable" was Constructive criticism.
People post Negative feedback all the time. And they are not shut down or shouted down as you are claiming.

It is true and I make no diplomacy about it; that @StarTreker has a habit of posting over-the-top - telling users to Never use WINE, for example, due to it being Unstable and Breaking Zorin - Which was 100% untrue and the incident was due to @StarTreker making a mistake in using it.
You see the trend here.
And Zorin OS, as a Transitional form to help users migrate from Windows to Linux, relies heavily on users being able to enjoy WINE on their Zorin OS. Having such damning condemnations by a regular member is troublesome and absolutely needed addressing.
Then... There was the incident with the Brother Printer drivers thread, in which @StarTreker advised a member install the Printer Drivers in a way that removed the users desktop environment and rendered Zorin OS unusable for him.
These incidents added up to Treker feeling a great deal of negativity and pressure.

Any member of this forum cannot always find a way to perfectly help a person to understand the difference between constructive and helpful feedback and being too harsh and damaging.

And this is where how Human every single poster on here is really comes into clear focus.
We are not always going to respond in the way you want us to.
Or see your side clearly without bias. We can only do our best to work together to overcome bias and to see things clearly.
Treker was repeatedly addressed in Private and in public to consider how very harsh he was being, most importantly, due to his own mistakes or misunderstandings - and to take a more fair and even handed approach.
Treker chose to get very angry, make uncalled for accusations, then leave.

Post links to all threads you claim I locked that were defaming Zorin OS and the posts were irrelevant. Don't just claim it- Support your claim with Evidence.
IF this is going on, it certainly needs to be confronted and addressed. Perhaps I am out of line and need correction. But that cannot happen without evidence to support this. You need to show that what you say is happening really is happening as you claim it is.

You do not look even remotely uncomfortable to me... You have raised a long series of claims that need support. I see no discomfort in you here.

Your thread was indeed locked after you made a personal attack on all posters in the thread. That is not a trend of Moderation; it is Moderation.
There are places on the internet where free-abuse of others is permitted. You might try Reddit or Arch Forums or many others. There remains a code of conduct on many though, like the Ubuntu Forums or Like here: Attack the idea, not the members.
If you find that oppressive, that is fine. You can choose what course you take but it is not one in which you can state that Moderators are abusing you for closing your thread that existed for the sole purpose of and ended with you making attacks.


@Aravisian I wasn't even referring to posts fellow Zorin user, I was referring to how you act when someone comments on their belief that go opposite to your belief.

Sorry if I hit a nerve... and see how quick you are to JUMP or ATTACK if someone points out things that do happen. You merely validated my post.

I wouldn't get into a "writing contest" with you as you like to do so often.


It appears that you will. You are posting, after-all. If you have a complaint, support it with links or quotes.

I am not attacking you - I have addressed your comments that said:

You did say this, right?
Now, all you need to do is support it.
You have made this accusation, now. Saying that you do not want to support it will not absolve that.
I am not "attacking" you just because I address your accusations.
And to be quite clear...

Yes, I will close this thread if you persist in this manner.


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This thread is now closed since the members involved prefer to paint personal attacks and accusations, rather than address their concerns.

On Linux, as a whole, how people feel about the Direction of development can run strong. It is important to examine the merit of claims made - and to support claims that you make.

When making a claim - or an accusation - you must support them - just as I do. I outlined the facets of Gnome that counter claims made of it in the other thread, and I ask for support to be made of the accusations made here. These accusations serve the purpose more strongly of trying to beat down and attack the person that @Bubby and @Elegant_Emperor disagree with on the topic, rather than weigh the merits of the points made.

This line is unfair and misleading. I typed too quickly without thinking when I said "members."
This thread is locked due to @Bubby resorting to personal attacks instead of providing arguments of merit and any thread that devolves so should simply be closed.

However, @Elegant_Emperor did not have any involvement in that and my statement of "Members" reflected the personal accusations both made as a whole, not that both members comments caused the thread to be closed.
To that end: @Elegant_Emperor can Pm any active moderator to request that this thread be re-opened for him if he would like to address this:

This is due to the thread closure being no fault of his own, but ultimately preventing him from posting his evidence, should he have any to provide.


Thread reopened for @Elegant_Emperor at request.

EDIT: Thread re-closed due to timing issues and an inability to balance Forum Decorum against ensuring a reopened thread does not cascade into flames. @Elegant_Emperor expressed a lack of desire to wait for a better time to balance keeping it open for only One Poster.