Admin user account authentication issue

Hi all, I'm new to Zorin, but have used various Linux OS systems for over 15 years, and have installed via live today to test it out.

The issue I'm having is with trying to make changes that require an admin logon. With all previous installations of Linux (SuSe, Ubuntu, Mit etc) I have completed, the initial user setup during the install process creates an admin account and associated rights. However, when installing Zorin, despite creating an 'admin' account in Live mode, the account defaults to a standard user when fully installed post restart, so when trying to change account type, I'm unable to authenticate as I don't know what the password is. Is there a default password or am I missing something really basic?

Apologies if this is a really simple query but it's really bugging me as I'm liking the look of Zorin but can't fully use it.

Thanks in advance.

Are you testing Zorin in USB "Live" mode or after doing an installation?
If the latter, have you tried using the account password you created also for admin rights?

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Once you choose to install Zorin OS, you will be greeted with the Ubiquity installer during which you must set up your User Name and Password. These steps must be completed in order to proceed through the installation to finish.

On the LiveUSB, the User is "Zorin" and the password is simply blank.

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Yes, as part of the installation process on Zorin I've set up an account but the account type for it is 'custom' trying to change this to Admin then prompts me to authenticate with an admin password that I don't have.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I'm trying this after installation. The user/password created during the install results in an error message.

Can you specify what changes you are trying to make that are asking for a passowrd?
Installing Zorin OS includes your password creation that is the Admin (Root) password.

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