Adobe CS6 Master Collection

Im on Zorin 17.1

I have a serial key for Adobe Master Collection CS6. I'd really like to install it into Zorin. I have installed a free trial of Crossover and have followed the steps laid out here:

and here:

But I'm hitting a brick wall. One problem or another in making progress. There are reviews saying that it works but alas not for me. I downloaded the package directly from Adobe, there is an executable file. I chose Windows 7 64 bit as the installer but I get the following error message

This should I don't know what it is Im getting wrong. Any suggestions?

Also tried to install with Wine in the terminal but again no success.

well, clearly, libraries that should be in the same folder as Photoshop.exe are missing.

I don't know where to get them, I've never touched adobe software.

Same as TGRush, I have no familiarity with this.

I am also not sure how well this will translate to using it on Wine, however looking into this we can find many users posting to Adobe on this issue having trouble in Windows OS:

Perhaps the suggestions made - that an additional file is missing from the folder and must be downloaded, to clicking on Compatibility mode will end up helpful.

Ah, interesting, I think I just selected the .exe file for Crossover to open... Ill try selecting the higher folder

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