Advantages of using rEFInd over default startup manager on a Mac


I've noticed many posts where rEFInd is recommended over the default startup manager when using dual boot on a Mac. I was wondering what are the advantages of rEFInd. I currently use the default startup manager as it work out of the box and I am a bit worried about messing up with the boot manager.

Thank you

Follow the old adage, "Don't fix what ain't broke!"


Mac/Apple is proprietary and for this reason, installing GnuLinux on it can sometimes be tricky.
rEFInd is software that helps to manage the bootloader, so in the case of Mac, it can uncomplicate what Mac has complicated.

As @swarfendor437, points out, if you are not having any issues, there are no advantages to using rEFInd for you. Its advantage is only in when you need it.

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I second the axiom "if its not broken don't try to fix it". Alternate ways should be used when the preferred way does not work. Your installation works so don't tinker with it only to break it and create a self-inflicted wound. :v:


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