After adding a python script to startup applications, xorg won't work

Using Zorin 16 Core

After a lot of months using Zorin, It look like I broke something hahaha

Basically I bought a gaming mouse, Logitech g203 lightsync, I wasn't feeling comfortable while using this mouse in Zorin and I decided to use a python script that I found on GitLab to change the DPI q3aql / zenidrv-g203 · GitLab

I added the script and its arguments to change the DPI in startup applications, restarted my pc and notice that the display now only display a terminal, tried to start xorg server and didn't work.

What should I do?

Using the tty or terminal, have you tried removing the python script that you added using the rm command with the path to the script?

I removed it from ~/.config/autostart, didn't work. I don't have it in my path, when configuration the autostart application, I used the specific directory to the script Ex: ~/mouse/

None of them, I installed it cloning the repo and added to startup application using the command

~/mouse/ lightsync dpi 3200

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Try to specify the full path (I assume your username is also redoz but update as needed) and even the Python interpreter:

/home/redoz/mouse/ lightsync dpi 3200
/usr/bin/python3 /home/redoz/mouse/ lightsync dpi 3200

Also, have you run all of the installation steps as described in the repository?

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