After installing Zorion OS 16 Core my battery is draining so fast, what should I do?

After installing Zorion OS 16 Core my battery is draining so fast, I've tried the tlp command but it doesn't work. Everything is totally fine except my battery draining issue. My laptop is totally new. Model : ASUS Vivobook X515UA Ryzen 7 5700U.

Command that I've entered in my terminal :
$ sudo apt install tlp tlp-rdw

What sould I do right now?

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Once tlp is installed, the user does not need to do any additional configuration.
You may run sudo tlp start then reboot to ensure it starts.
You might try calibrating the battery by letting it run until it dies completely, then fully charging it a couple times. Once calibrated, you may see improvement in battery performance.
If not and if limiting startup programs or using discrete graphics is not enough:
You might consider using Zorin OS Lite.

Thank you! but I already run but still it doesn't make any impact in my laptop.

Do you have Nvidia Card?

You might also try:

And have you calibrated the battery, yet?

There are suggestions in the tutorials section (top x+1 things to do after installing zorin 16). Turn down your display brightness. Turn off unused radios (Bluetooth, wifi), use integrated instead of nvidia graphics and and cpu frequency indicator plugin.

Any powerful machine is going to have issue, even with extended battery. These things will help, but if you use cpu intensive software it will increase battery usage.

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