After login empty screen

I use zorin 15.3 properly updated
Using the laptop for DVD viewing the timeout in the middle of the film was annoying.
I disabled the screen blanking timeout. The test showed the expeded behaviour.
After logging in the next time only the default image appears without a zorin button or a menu list.
Question: How to access the configuration that would allow me to reset this configuration.

Can you relay what steps you took to disable screen timeout?

Are you saying that at login, you are not seeing the menu to login or after login, the desktop does not have the Zorin Menu?

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I agree, I am confused by the second part of your post, please clarify.

Additionally, you might also be having issues with power management while watching movies. A common theme among modern computer's that try their best to save on energy while at idle.

Please hold CTRL ALT T to enter terminal. Run the following command...

xset -dpms

That will disable power management and tell your system to stop trying to be a dumb dumb. lol


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