After reinstalling python, pc doesnt post

i was having trouble with python virtual environment, i had the bright idea that uninstalling python and reinstalling python would help, after reboot, it doesnt post, when I put in the zorin thumb drive it doesnt recognize it. Is their a way to forceboot from a thumb drive?

Oh no not python again. Maybe we need a public health warning on the forum against messing with installed version of python, as it is often a bad outcome.

Whilst I have your attention, van you please edit your forum profile to state which edition of ZorinOS you are running, e.g. Core, Lite etc. That will help us quickly ascertain which DE you have and avoid us asking you that question each time you post.

Someone should be along after me, qualified better to help fix your python installation issue.

EDIT: Are you dual-booting ZorinOS and Windows?


This confuses me... Are you saying that the LiveUSB won't boot, either? A python change on an installed system should not have any effect on booting a USB...

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More details to come. Pictures, error codes etc. Updating profile next.

No. I am pretty sure I successfully installed over windows. It was a hp windows laptop.

When I boot the laptop with the usb inserted, it just spams unrecognized device.

Below is the error codes with post w/o thumb drive.

I used the same thumb drive to install zorin on this laptop.

Unable to recreate error codes with thumb drive plugged in, the only difference between lines below with thumb plugged in is their is a blinking cursor like it is waiting on something.

Just to clarify, a live boot is just a thumbdrive that is setup as a linux bootable thumb drive write?

line 36 /sbin/plymouthd: not found
line 37 /bin/plymouth: not found
recovering journal
clearinng inode 2883597, *596, *595, *588
clean, 681103/15597 files
line 18 /bin/plymouth: not found

This looks like the system is trying to boot your installed OS and is not seeing the USB drive.
Are you able to boot into tty?,selected%2C%20press%20the%20e%20key.


Have you tried tapping del or F2 at boot to pull up the Boot Order menu?

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