After splash screen only blank screen with type curson in top left corner

I've been running Zorin OS 16 on my laptop for at least 1 year now and it's been working fine. Last night I got a notification I didn't manage to finish reading which said something about my space running out, and if I remember correctly this was to do with the root directory? (I could be mistaken though) I checked how much disk space I still had available and it said I had another 50GB free, but if it is a specific partition it is running out of space with I didn't manage to check. Shortly after my laptop froze (this does occasionally happen) so I restarted it by long pressing the power button. This is when the PC wouldn't boot properly.

The model and specs of my laptop are as follows:
Lenovo Yoga Flex 5
AMD Ryzen 7 4700U CPU
AMD integrated graphics
1TB Nvme SSD

I am able to mash the escape key and get to the following screen

From there I tried going through the recovery menu and tried running 'Repair Broken Packages' which then gave me the following message:

This I think would confirm my suspicion of memory being the root of my problems..

Any suggestions are very welcome.

If any further information is needed let me know and I will try to provide it. I may require quite some hand holding though

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Please check this topic:


Thank you very much for this. It seems like the solution is exactly what I am looking for, but I do not know how to access the home directory of my OS from a bootable USB? Would anyone be able to direct me how to do that?

i have managed to solve the issue.The problem seemed to be zorin os wanted to update and needed 488mb to do ssd drive was completely full and i must have installed the os on the root partition and not a separate one.I booted zorin from a live usb went into my home folder and after many attempts managed to delete some big directories using the sudo rm-rf command.As soon as i had freed up enough space the os now works again.Next time im guessing i should put the home directory in a separate partition.
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I've not used live boot in a while but I think it's something between the lines of

1TB volume > home > $USER

(Replacing $USER with the username you gave when you installed the system)

If 1TB Volume doesn't show up, mount it in the disks app.

This is the graphical way BTW.

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I have managed to find the partition of the 1TB drive, but I am unable to navigate to any sort of folder? Sorry for the slow progress btw

EDIT: I have checked the filesystems, the 1tb partition seems intact, but the smaller 0.5 GB one needs repairing. Would it be worth trying to repair it like this? Or would this break things futher?

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If I'm not mistakened, the smaller partition is the partition needed to boot Zorin. Under normal cases, repairing should fix the partition, but...

Try it. If it breaks, it's my fault.

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Just before I accidentally break something will I still be able to retrieve data from the larger partition even if the boot partition is messed up?

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You should be able to, but with that error... I suggest waiting at the moment until we fix this error. :point_down:

You said that you couldn't access any folder on that drive?

Is there an error message that pops up?

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No, I am also unsure how exactly to access the folders of the 1TB drive exactly. I can find the partitions all right using the disc tool, but from there I do not really know how to access any folders. No errors or pop ups.

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From that picture, the contents say "Mounted at /media/zorin/...". What happens when you click that path?

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I feel like face palming. Yes clicking the link was what I hadn't considered doing. I am able to access everything all right.

Should I then try to repair the boot partition?


Try it, but back up your most important files to a USB or cloud first, just in case repairing the boot partition breaks the system.


Hey just an update, my laptop works fine again. The thread you had initially suggested was the solution. I just didn't know enough about how to delete files from my main partition and just general navigation within the live usb environment. Thanks to all your help and a lot of hand holding from my brother as well all is back to normal.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience @Turtle11! I really appreciate it.

(Just in case you are curious the boot partition ended up being fine after all)