After update: Can't recognize open tab in Brave when using GTK+

A picture says more than 1,000 words:

Could you quickly identify the open tab? I can't.
It is due to an update in the Zorin theme I suppose. If I use the "classic" appearance for Brave it is perfectly readable:

Is anyone having the same issue? Any idea how to solve it?

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The Zorin Themes are solely under @AZorin and @zorink so tagging the ZorinGroup to review this issue.

As an aside: yes, the user can correct this in the theme .css file. But let's give priority to the ZorinGroup first, before supplying possible fixes here - this way the ZorinGroup can remedy it with an update affecting all users, not just the exclusive readers here.

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Thanks, @Aravisian !

I think that is a good idea. Let's hope they see it. Is there any issue tracker like Git where I could file it as a bug or annoyance?

Here is github:

I know that users can file bugs through their Launchpad, as well:

In the Moderator forum, a thread is stickied exclusively for alerting the ZorinGroup for direct Zorin Issues. This is because the ZorinGroup cannot go reading the forum threads when they are tasked with developing the Operating System and their other projects like direct upgrade. So we set up a sticky that they can check for anything that needs attention. I linked this thread in that when I replied to you earlier.

Brave Browser, being a Chrome Browser deviation, would recognize the addressbar and tab bars for a system theme as the menubar class (generic) in the .css file.

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Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

We've just published a software update which makes the active tab colour different from the browser header's background to make it more visible, like so:

To apply this change, please install the latest updates from the Software Updater and Software store and re-open the Brave browser.


Thanks for the quick response and fix!!!

Will install the update as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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