After Upgrade zorin 17 - Error message show on reboot


After upgrade zorin i got this error, when i reboot my laptop


I use upgrade tools.

I find some bugs with internet browser and file manager, not show menu on right click. EDIT This is not a bug it's an option on settings-mouse pad (that change on upgrade)

Thanks for any help

What edition are you currently on (Using About or Neofetch or Screenfetch)?

If the system upgraded to Zorin OS 17, please run in terminal

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

This command not work, still reboot and show same message


Shell shows as Bash and the terminal is xfce4-terminal. Were you on Zorin OS 16 Lite prior to the upgrade to 17?

I use the latest version of zorin 16, not lite is on core version.

The xfce terminal i install after and bash is same

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When you said that command "does not work" what does that mean? Does it show an error message?
Can you try switching to Main server in Softweare & Updates > Download from and then in terminal run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt --fix-missing

Sudo apt full-upgrade


I change but not run this comands, o do a fresh install :slight_smile:
But many thanks for the help

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