After upgrading to Zorin 16 my Wi-fi is 'permanently' disconnected (even after rolling back to Zorin 15)

I have used Zorin 15 Lite for a few years without any issues. I have just tried Zorin 16 (running from USB) and - it looked good - so I decided to install it. After installing and connecting - initially - to the internet (AFAIK) my Wi-Fi was disconnected and reports (!) "WiFi is disconnected".

I did briefly see a popup (or something) that reported that Airplane Mode was set. But I cannot now find that screen/app/whatever.

Fearing incompatibility with Zorin 16, I attempted to re-intall Zorin 15 (via fresh bootable USB, etc) and did a full installation. While all functions are useable, the Wi-Fi remains disconnected.

I am a 'mere user' and although I have looked for a setting to enable Wi-Fi but I cannot anything.

The computer is an elderly HP635.

Is there an easy fix to this? So far, re-installing doesn't help. Many thanks.

As Zorin 15 was/is a fork of Ubuntu 18.04 this article might help:

Many computers have a Physical Switch to enable and disable Airplane mode. If that accidentally got bumped - it would explain all of this.

Thanks - The Wi-Fi (func) button is showing green. Entering the usual stuff SSID, MAC Address, etc to create a new connection doesn't work. It seems like the OS isn't talking to the hardware.

Thanks swarfendor437- I'll tackle that in "daylight" when I can find a cable.

Solution. Re-installing (complete 'scrub down') "Without Third Party Drivers" now works. During installation from USB stick it seems that a default driver allows the Wi-Fi to work until the 3rd Party driver is installed.

I should have remembered that leaving HP drivers alone and not trying to update them has always been my best plan.

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