After years of distro-hopping Zorin is now my daily driver!

I've been working in IT for a little over 10 years now, and have always had a fascination with Linux. Unfortunately I always felt like there was something missing or that one piece of software I needed just wouldn't work. I primarily used on my laptop since my needs were simple on that device.

I've been using Zorin for about 3 months and as of today is it now my daily driver on my main desktop. I've been able to get open-source alternatives for all of my software except one (which I got working in Wine). After setting on my shortcuts and some light terminal ricing I am all set to work off this system full time. Cheers to the Zorin team for making such an awesome operating system!


Hey, @prestonEP! :wave: :grinning:
Yeah, I completely agree with you. The Zorin design is awesome, and perfect for someone that is migrating from Windows. I am having small issues, but I know it's something that I can solve. And it's very cool to see that you could download Wine, I am having some headaches with it.
Oh, and the cellphone connection with the PC is so cool, right?


I actually have not used Zorin Connect yet but I'm going to give it a shot tonight.

I have used KDE Connect in the past and I enjoyed it. I trust whatever the Zorin team has put out will feel more polished though. :slight_smile:


You really should! It's very pratical. I feel in love with it the first time I tried, it was something new for me. I was like:
"WHAT? How can they do it? :open_mouth:"
It's nice to answer messages, seeing notifications or even making your cellphone ring to find it (not that I needed it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

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It's the same thing as KDE Connect, just different name.
I'm almost


Hello PrestonEP, welcome to the Zorin forum, and to your stellar experience with Zorin OS 16 CORE! I really like it when we get to hear feedback from experienced users in IT.

If you are a network engineer, the one who wears many hats, then I can tell you right now, it won't take you long to learn Linux. You are starting off with a higher level skillset, which will serve you well.

Better living then sitting in an overheated office room, in an uncomfortable chair, while answering the phone, and asking them if they have turned it off and on again. Personally, I vote for this one, cause its even funnier...

I have a mission for you Jon Luc Picard, you will go to the Zorin OS system, there you will learn Linux. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If my computer made my cell phone ring, it scare me so bad, I'd think I went back in time to 1983 War Games.


I've been a (primarily Ubuntu) Linux user since Ubuntu 8.04, generally dual booting with Windows because initially there were some programs you needed Windows for and latterly needed to keep M$ to enable occasional working from home. I discovered Zorin about a year or so ago and it's now my OS of choice. I'm running 16 Core with Cinnamon DE, but will almost certainly install Lite when it gets released. I find it hard to imagine I'll move away from Zorin.


Hi PrestonEP, nice to hear you have found your distro. Lets hope you will enjoy it for many years. :innocent:

About distro hopping, did the same thing back in 2014 :joy:. First Linux Mint 17, then i tried Elemantary OS then i switched to Manjaro, when i heard about the "arch way" i couldnt resist and try that too. Pfff that one was a hard one and i followed their wiki pages and i got a working desktop haha...then i uninstalled it and tried fedora and went back to mint 17. The problem back then was my machine with a intel 2720qm and gtx 485m had alot of desktop freezes in the mint forum they blamed the gpu card and did not came with a proper solution sadly so i had to went back to windows.

This year back in august i heard good things about zorin and somehow linux was always in my mind. So i tried zorin os 16 and i was blown away, how linux has grown in those few years is amazing. I am a gamer and in the past i could not get much games to work, these days everything works thanks to steam proton wine/lutris. After a month i also heard good things about Pop! OS, tried it on a external drive and like it. Now i am using that one as daily driver since half way august.


Haha, "The Arch way".

I think the first experience ever with Linux was in highschool. I had a netbook with Windows 7 Starter (I think we'd all like to forget this garbage) and I managed to install Arch on it. This was before they actually had an installer so I was quite proud of myself. Didn't last long and I put Lubuntu on it instead and it was my daily for about 3 years until I got a real laptop!

Now I'm rocking a 16 core, RTX 3080 system running glorious Zorin.


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