All apps closing automatically after sleep/inactive hour - Zorin OS 17 Core

Hi, I have been a Zorin user since Jan 2024, and I have encountered some issue that closes all my opened apps. This issue always happens after an inactive hour or sometimes within a few minutes after goes to sleep. Before crashing it just showed some error messages. I'll attach an image showing the error messages. Can anyone please help me to resolve it?


This message can appear when using Wayland with AMD after a suspend or reboot.

I would not suspect it is related to the crashing directly, rather another result after a crash.

It sounds like your graphics may be crashing, perhaps due to a mem leak.

Ok. Is there any solution to resolve it?

I recommend the usual suspects be examined first:

  • Check for memory leaks
  • reinstall gdm (sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop gdm)
  • Check your graphics- Are you using AMD? Nvidia? We may need to try different drivers. The more information you include, the more we know and can off tips.

Many users have reported that on Zorin OS 17, the computer will put itself to sleep at a specific time, then not wake and will instead seem to crash and close all their apps requiring a hard restart or re-login fresh. You may be afflicted by this, as well.

Yeah, I have AMD M330 dedicated Graphics. Does this reinstallation affect my data or app configuration? Can you provide more information about checking memory leaks?

There used to be some applications you could install like Valgrind and Memleax, but neither has been maintained for several years.

The simplest method is with Terminal.
Launch terminal and run


You can sort by memory percentage with shift+m

Observe running processes, like the gnome shell, watching for a steady even if gradual increase in memory usage even if you are not actively running anything. That would indicate a likely memory leak.
You can cross-check this by, should you observe memory increase in an idle Gnome-Shell, disable all Gnome-Extensions using the Zorin Settings or gnome-tweaks tool

sudo apt install tweaks

And re-run the observations to see if it recurs. If it does not, an extension may be the cause. Re-enable each extension one at a time (tedious, I know. Debugging is not for the faint of heart) and isolate which extension results in leakage.

It feels like a hard process :smile:. Will update you once I am done. In your previous chat, you mentioned some issues that happened for other users like crashing and hard restart to return which have not happened for me till now. But noticed one thing the closed apps are still running in the background. while I checked it in System Monitor I found all apps are running without showing them. Also, Some apps can't launch until close already running in the background.

I join and confirm. It really gets in the way when your projects are closed and you have to reopen and remember where you left off.

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