All desktop icons and taskbar at bottom has disapeared

Os 16.3

after recent update all icons are gone and so is taskbar, i have no idea how to get it back, I have tried booting into recovery mode, installing and uninstalling packages, and refreshing the desktop.

any help greatly appreciated.

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Check in your "Zorin Appearance" settings, that the Desktop Appearance has not changed from the Appearance that has taskbar.


You could try to reinstall the Desktop.

If you have the Core Version type:
sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-desktop

If you have the Lite Version type:
sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop


Hi i get the error

E: Command line option --reinstall is not understood in combination with the other options

when i try that

I cannot find any setting that lets me change appearance.


sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop gdm3

I changed the command to zorin-os-desktop due to your profile indicating that you are on Core, not Lite.

You might want to run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

and follow the prompts.


Sorry, I had made a Mistake with the Commands. I see You are use the Core Edition. So the Command ist:

sudo apt reinstall zorin-os-desktop

The "--" before "reinstall" was so not right.

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