All Roads Lead To ZorinOS

As many of you know I love ZorinOS, it's my baby, it is the best fitting linux i have found and i have tested nearly all of em. As many of you also know I have been trying to find the best linux to customize with a macOS look and feel. It has been hard for me cuz no matter what distro i use i invariably always run in to snags.And that brings me to my point here. I am tired of running from distro to distro to find the perfect theming solution. I am stepping away from all that and settling down on ZorinOS 16.2 Pro and gonna allow myself to actually enjoy my computer for a change. I've said it before ZorinOS is the distro i cherish it is the closest to my ideal distro and now i'm gonna allow myself time now to enjoy it.
PS I guess i have no question i just wanted to say my piece.


What I find the most appealing about Zorin OS is that it is not what it is presented as.

Zorin OS is presented as a beginners distro. And while this statement is true, it is also too short of a description. Because Zorin OS is an advanced users distro, as well.
I cannot take other distros like Mint or Elementary and modify or change the distro safely nor easily. For many distros, the solution is to lock in what makes their distro unique.

Zorin OS does not lock you in. In any way whatsoever. I can use Zorin as a Base, then modify, add, remove, change, configure and customize with ease and achieve what suits me best without having to workaround or undo the Distro Developers "solutions".
Zorin OS Pro does not lock you in. Zorin Core and Lite do not lack functionality that only Pro offers.
Zorin specific configurations are not locked down - you can change them at will and without struggle. Zorin OS has a distinct look and theme, but you can change them without worry.
And a user of another distro can often use what Zorin OS offers without using Zorin OS. Zoringroup has their packages Free Open Source, including each and every Theme. You can use another distro and make it look like Zorin OS.

What sold me on Zorin OS was this freedom. I did a lot of distro hopping for a while. But when I was benchmarking results, Zorin kept getting the top slot. It only got second place on Speed to Antix.
Antix. Of all distros - the fastest speed demon out there. And Zorin is much bigger than Antix. That is like a city bus pacing a stock car.

Then we look at the ZorinGroup instead of just the distro.
There is an old saying, "Actions speak louder than words."

And the actions we observe in the ZorinGroup is that they are organized and conscientious. They are deliberate, dedicated and stringent. They pay attention to all feedback received and the implement what they can.
The ZorinGroup stands firm behind their principles and ethics.
And at no point do they ever abuse or dismiss the users.

I do not pay attention to the other distros much because whatever they offer, I can do it on Zorin OS. I can believe in the Zorin Developers. I do not have to worry about the ZorinGroup suddenly quiet quitting and the development fading away.


That is a good descision. Life is not infinite, but the quest for the perfect Linux OS could be. Best to accept one that is 99% perfect (IMO) and just drive it for enjoyment. :wink:

Edit: Also just look at the number of users that briefly go off distro hopping and come back here. That tells me the grass is not greener on the other side and keeps me rooted to ZorinOS.


Just don't stop posting screenshots in Share your desktop, what does it look like? whenever you change things around, I find it satisfying and inspiring to see what others come up with.


Nothing to add here!

Zorin propably could be on any distribution or not?
First step you installing any distribution what you want.
Second step you taken libraries from a Zorin distribution.
Third step you can using any type kernel what you want.
Another way.
You can used Zorin distribution.
Then copies libraries from another distribution to Zorin distribution.
The last option you can installing and compile any type kernel what you want.

LIke I said I'm home here on Zorin thanks.

Yes. Of course I don't mind changing your mind. I have a couple hardware with diffrent operating system. The Zorin is for people who start beginning with Linux, when never used before. Zorin is like a door to new world.
It can be that like always.
If someone searching something what not isn't him suit he can always used any another operating system.
When i saw some conclusion and wondering how Zorin could be? Then I understood this linux is for beginners.
Simple and stable - that all.

I would agree with Aravisian instead.

I am agree with that conclusion.
Every linux is mostly the same building the kernel=packaged=desktop enviroments; diffrent kernels=diffrent packages = diffrent desktop.
If you know the linux is very flexible and you can changing all that 3 things every time kernel=packages=desktop enviroment - that why this is linux.
That why every year coming some a new linux distributions what are like a mushrooms after rain.
Many times developers out from some projects linux.
Creating own or doing something else in life.
Zorin is Zorin - i am ok with that! Why changing something if this looking good. It is usable for many desktop enviroments. The package comes from debian what are stable.I started with Zorin, then start testing many anothers distributions to check how they they working. Finding the diffrents and get more experiences. Besides on Zorin the world isn't finished. Take what is best taste for you. I was boring using Zorin over 2 years. I testing another distributions also how long they will be started broken or get problems. I want know that - but history always could be changed and something dissapeard, something still exist.something coming new.


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