Allocate space to a partition

Hello, good morning, sorry for the inconvenience, but can someone help me?
I am trying to assign free space to my linux partition, but it does not allow me, for some reason it only allows me to do it with my windows partition, do you know what the problem is?

I also tried with the disk manager, and nothing.

(By the way, I am doing this from the bootable drive)

In order to resize a partion (Expand or reduce from free space), the partition that has the free space must be adjacent to the partition you are resizing. They must be touching - side by side.
If there is another partition between them, sda3, then it blocks access to the free space you are trying to expand into.

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and how can I make these these partitions are together?

Usually - by reinstalling and setting up the partitions in the preferred sizes and manner.

Sometimes, a user can shuffle partitions around by, for example in your case, expanding sda3 into that free space, then shrinking it to create free space on the adjacent side of sda2. That can be tricky though and can risk file corruption -especially if one of the partitions contains Windows in desperate need of a defrag.

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Ok, thanks : )

I did not know this. Thanks for helping clarify that .

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