Already own a license but want to upgrade to latest version


I have used contact us page twice already without a reply back,

So i wanted to know if it's possible for me to upgrade my existing license from zorin 11 ultimate to newest zorin ultimate 12 or 15 or what ever one is latest.

If it is, then how much would it cost to upgrade and is it possible to get discount?

Also idk if this is right forum section to ask this, if not then you are welcome to move my topic to proper section.

/Thank You

@JakeSully Normally Ultimate licence covers one version of ZorinOS, in yiour case Z11.
Note that Z16 is currently in Beta, so you may wish to wait for Z16 Ultimate to be released and purchase that.
As for discount's, I think your only recourse is to PM the devs, @AZorin and/or @zorink .

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i will try that unless they answer here one of them or to my mail that i sent through contact form.

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Hi @JakeSully, I've sent you a private message about this just now.