Alternative download

Hello good morning :slightly_smiling_face: I am new to the forum, I am trying to download zorin os from your page but I get error downloading or even the connection is slow and cuts. My question is, there is a page called that has the various OS distro, is it reliable, as I verified the SHA256 CHECKSUM that the Zorin OS 16 Core 64-bit version is not the same as the official website, but the Zorin OS 16 Lite 64-bit.

Hi and welcome,

On the download page from zorin you can select mirrors. Try one to see if that increase your download speed.

I would not recommend a torrent site for downloading zorin os as they are not official + you don't know if the downloaded .iso got infected with something or not. If the SHA256 did not match it is already a risk.


I normally don't download Linux torrents from unofficial websites. That being said, I do trust the torrents that get put up on Although, you have to look through the archives sometimes to find what you are looking for.