Alternative fingerprint scanner?

I've been using Zorin OS for a while now and I just realised that my fingerprint scanner won't work because my fingerprint driver doesn't support fprintd. My fingerprint scanner driver though is the "LighTuning Technology Inc. EgisTec EH575". Is there anyway for my fingerprint scanner to work on fprintd or alternative fingerprint scanner for my fingerprint scanner?

Laptop Model: SF514-55TA (Acer Swift 5)

Appears to be not working across the board, unfortunately..

Lots of posts about finger print scanners - only a handful were able to get working. There might be some support later on but, right now it's kinda null..

You would have to buy an external one that the Linux kernel supports:

If you check the description, this item only works with Ubuntu 22.04 upwards which is what Zorin 17 will be based on.

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